In this section one can view the interviews done to the Malta Raffa Bowls Club President Adrian Sciberras and Malta’s top Raffa Bowls player David Farrugia.

Interviewing the President of the Malta Raffa Bowls Club
Interviewing David Farrugia, Malta’s top Raffa Bowls Player


In this section one can read various articles from the past that has been posted on different local newspapers. Click on the headings to read the full article.

Raffa Bowls players David and Stefan Farrugia win the silver medal in the San Marino GSSE doubles competition.
The Malta Raffa Bowls team won third place in an international tournament in Austria.

International participation for Malta’s Raffa Bowls players in Austria.
The Maltese Raffa Bowls player enjoying a winning start at the World Raffa Championships in Rome.
The Farrugia brothers defended the Raffa title at the International Open Tournament in Turkey.
David Farrugia participating in the World Bowls Championships held in Rome.
Farrugia taking home the bronze medal in an all-Maltese play-off at the Rocher Boules Club.


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The Raffa Bowls Rules and Regulations

Raffa Bowls organisations around the world:
Confédération Mondiale des Sports de Boules (CMSB)
Federazione Italiana Bocce
Confederazione Boccistica Internazionale (CBI)
Fédération Internationale de Boules
European Bowl Association (EBA)
United States Bocce Federation