Raffa Bowls Pitches

The Raffa Bowls court is also referred to as campo in the Raffa Bowls jargon. This is an enclosed playing surface complete with side and end boards, usually painted in white. A Raffa Bowls game is played on a synthetic court surface, covered with a minimum of two inches of clay or similar material to provide a hard, smooth, level surface that is 26.5 meters long and 4 to 4.5 meters wide, with sideboards 25 cm wide.

The Raffa Bowls court dimensions are as follows:

x Raffa Bowls Pitch

Further explanation of the court is as follows:

• Lines A and A’ coincides with the end of the court and indicates the point from which players can start their throw.
• Lines B and B’ indicates the maximum limit allowed to throw the raffa shot. On the other hand, the opposite lines indicate the maximum distance that the bowl can be thrown.
• Lines C and C’ specify the maximum distance allowed for a volo shot.
• Lines D and D’ indicate the minimum distance a raffa shot must first touch the court and the limit to which players can reach when making a point shot unless the player is out of balls.
• Line E, the mid-court designates the minimum distance that the bowl is thrown, and the limit to which players can go when making a raffa shot.