Raffa Bowls Match

The Raffa Bowls match is made up of three distinct games. The first game involves a match against three other players, each competing with two balls. The succeeding throw involves a single game in which each player plays with four balls, whilst the last game involves a double game in which each player holds two balls.

At any time during the game, after the player throws the ball, a substitution might occur; however, there are no substitutions in a single game, and no player can participate in more than two of the three games in the match.

Championship games normally go to 15 points, but preliminary rounds can go to 12 or 13 points depending on the discretion of the tournament committee. One point is given to the team whose ball is closer to the pallino than the closest ball of their opposing team. The location of the pallino and balls of each of the teams must be distinctively marked on the court by the referee.

In Raffa Bowls, the pallino may move as much as 70 mm for it to be deemed as a regular or legal toss, every pallino movement that is more than 70 mm is an irregular or illegal toss. Standard set of Raffa Bowls balls consists of eight bocce balls, typically four green balls and four red balls all of which are of the same diameter, weight, and made out of the same material as stated by the International Standard.


Type of Ball Throws

There are three main throwing techniques in a Raffa Bowls game; these include the bowled delivery, the raised bowl, and the raffa throw. These techniques are to be played in particular game circumstances, and the throw choice depends solely on the player’s objective.

Bowled Delivery Throw
The bowled delivery throw in a Raffa Bowls game is the most standard of throws, in which the ball has to be rolled with the greatest accuracy. The objective of this throw is simply to get the bocce ball as close as possible to the pallina. The bowled delivery is similar to a bowling throw; the ball is kept close to the ground and rolled. The bowled delivery throw, is the first throw taught to beginners and the first throw in a Raffa Bowls match. During the performance of this throw, it is essential the players must make use of a gentle touch.

Raised Bowl Throw
The raised bowl, is otherwise known as the volo throw, obtained its name from the fact that, for most of its movement the ball stays in mid-air. The volo throw is a variation of the bowled delivery, such that the ball is lobbed high in the air rather than rolled along the ground. This technique is used when there is no direct path in the game, such that it is used on softer surfaces such as sand.

Raffa Throw
This throw involves running up to the foul line and throwing the bocce ball forcefully towards the opposing team’s ball, with the objective of moving it from its position. The raffa throw is the most challenging and critical throw from all three throws since it involves knocking off the opposing team’s ball to land your own ball closer to the pallina.