What is Raffa Bowls?

Raffa Bowls is a sport played with balls made from a  mixture of materials together mainly resin. In the older days, this sport was practised on sandy pitches, however, nowadays a Raffa Bowls match is played on synthetic pitches. Bowls is a collective name for a wide range of games in which, the objective is to throw or roll heavy balls as close as possible the target.

Bowls-type games are traditional and popular in France, Italy, Malta, and Croatia, together with a number of former French colonies. In these countries, bowls games are played in open spaces, such as in villages and towns. The dedicated playing areas for bowls type games are typically large, level, and rectangular courts made of flattened earth, gravel, or crushed stone, enclosed in wooden rails or back boards.

Today, the International Federation CBI has over 50 countries within it, including Malta. The bowls sports discipline represents 165 countries, via 262 federations and more than 200 million players in which, 67 countries have already won medals in at least one world championship. This sport prides of its candidacy for the 2024 Olympic Games.

Raffa Bowls forms part of some of the major multi-sport global events including World Games, Mediterranean Games, Asian Indoor Games, and S.E.A Games besides others.